Weston's Word

What a joy it is to bring you all a report on behalf of the youth from this past month’s mission trip. We had an absolute blast in Asheboro for the dates of July 5th-8th. A total of five youth and three adults attended the trip that was filled with service, retreat and enrichment. Special thanks to Ken Clapp and Black Lake Retreat Center for their hospitality and opportunities that they provided. Also we would like to thank the Church for the support that they provide to the youth and their mission trip. Our activities included two enrichment sessions, volunteering at the local Christian Outreach Center, visiting with the kind folks over at Crossroads Retirement Community, maintenance of Black Lake, planting a garden, and to cap it all off with Sunday morning worship. 

At the Christian Outreach Center we did some work for the thrift store that is operated by the ministry. It seemed that we came at the right time because many of the workers there seemed relieved when they saw us coming. At lunch that day we fed two homeless men that were at the park. With a smile on their face they expressed their thankfulness for the food as well as their appreciation for our work at the COC. The same night we visited a local nursing home called crossroads where we met many friends. One of the seniors that night told me that it was not very frequent that they had visitors come and that our coming there really meant something to the people there. We had a pianist, a guitarist, some nappers, a former city councilman, and some other highly extroverted friends that we had met that night. You could tell that there was some excitement for us to be there. It was really humbling to meet the seniors there many had no mobility, some had no family, and some were in dire need of someone to talk to. We all take these basic everyday things for granted it was comforting to know that for an afternoon some of those were relieved. 

We also planted a flower garden at Black Lake. We turned a rocky, clay area into a wonderful area to pray, reflect, or just simply look at some pretty flowers. For the rest of the summer and in the future groups will be able to look at that area and appreciate it. We did some work on the Leonard Lodge were some upkeep was necessary. Some of the students did some things that they had never done before. The group became a bit handier, which I’m sure their parents were very thankful for. We capped off the trip with an intense 2 games of volleyball where team non-Leichman (with Kevin Sr.) defeated team Leichman. Despite being picked last, Kevin Sr’s play was instrumental to their victory. He took home the game’s MVP award. 

While it was a trip with a mission to serve, the enrichment and togetherness of the group shown. The group showed its ability to cooperate and serve God. It was our first mission trip together, the first of laughs, sharing, and building relationships for a lifetime. Thank you to the Church for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this trip. Thank you to the parents for sharing their kids with us for the trip. Thank you to the volunteers for their time invested. Most of all thank you to the youth who made this an enjoyable experience.